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Dean Chiropractic & Back Pain Relief Reviews

“ I would greatly recommend this place! I was having severe back pain for the past few weeks and always had pain in my hips and lower back for years and when I went today for my adjustment literally an hour later I had no back pain at all and it's the most loose I have felt in years!! Thank you so much! ”

Mark Kirby

I recently discovered Dr. Dean and my experience has been great! Dr. Dean is a man of few words and honestly, I like it that way. You tell him what's bothering you and he gets right to work. He doesn't have any fancy high-tech equipment but a Chiropractor's greatest tools are their own hands. Can't recommend him enough! Never a scheduling issue or long wait. If you are in need of a good chiro Definitely check him out, it could mean the beginning of a pain-free life! ”

Patrick Chang

“I highly recommend doctor Dean very professional caring compassionate and understanding And he knows exactly what he's doing The best in South Jersey ”

Jade Harvey

“Drove over 70 miles and literally received the best adjustment in years. My lower back was tight and I was hunched over. Called and made an appointment and within the hour I was back to normal. I feel great and I’m looking forward to going to Dr. Dean again. Thank you for your help. A+++++++++++ highly recommended. ”

Bass Hanna

“ I am very pleased with Dean Chiropractic. I had an immediate need and even during the Pandemic, Dr, Dean was willing to fit me into his schedule at, last minute. I highly recommend Dr. Dean. He explained everything along the way, and I had a much easier night sleeping. He has recently moved to a new location in Cherry Hill. Check him out. ”

Rob Shields

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